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Decomposing Broadcast Algorithms Using Abstract MAC Layers
Majid Khabbazian, Dariusz Kowalski, Fabian Kuhn and Nancy Lynch

Radio Cover Time in Hyper-Graphs (slides)
Chen Avin, Yuval Lando and Zvi Lotker

Data Transmission and Base-Station Placement for Optimizing Network Lifetime
Esther Arkin, Alon Efrat, Joseph Mitchell, Srinivasan Ramasubramanian, Valentin Polishchuk, Swaminathan Sankararaman and Javad Taheri

Bandwidth Allocation in Cellular Networks with Multiple Interferences (slides)
Reuven Bar-Yehuda, Gleb Polevoy and Dror Rawitz

Reliable Neighbor Discovery for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Alejandro Cornejo, Saira Viqar and Jennifer Welch

Finding Available Parking Spaces Made Easy
Andreas Klappenecker, Hyunyoung Lee and Jennifer Welch

Prioritized Gossip in Vehicular Networks
Alejandro Cornejo and Calvin Newport

Direction Election in Flocking Swarms (slides)
Ohad Ben-Shahar, Shlomi Dolev, Andrey Dolgin and Michael Segal

Regional Consecutive Leader Election in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (slides)
Hyun Chul Chung, Peter Robinson and Jennifer Welch

Information Security for Sensors by Overwhelming Random Sequences and Permutations (slides)
Shlomi Dolev, Niv Gilboa, Marina Kopeetsky, Giuseppe Persiano and Paul G. Spirakis

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